Heart Hive Gives Meaning To Metrics


One of the best things about the Apple Watch is its health benefits. Everything from closing your rings, to tracking workouts, to monitoring your sleep. Sometimes though, getting these numbers does not mean anything. An average user is not necessarily going to realize what constitutes a high hear rate, or what a proper blood oxygen saturation should be. Heart Hive gives you a bit more insight into this, while still not providing medical advice.

Heart Hive gives you this insight by comparing your data to others, all while remaining anonymous. Take cardio fitness for example. You’ll get number such as 52.1ml / (kg.min). On its own, does not mean much. But when you compare it to others, you can see the relevancy. Heart Hive can show your recorded number against others, filtered by age, sex, BMI, and activity levels. Maybe you want to see yourself against others in your BMI bracket. Or maybe you want to compare your number to those of very active users of the same age. You can do both.

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With this comparison, you see how you stack up. You can see if you are healthier than others or are falling behind. This can help you set goals, track your progress, and motivate you to do better.

The app has a soft yellow look, sticking with the “hive” theming. It makes the most of your data, breaking these numbers down into various graphs, charts, diagrams, and other graphics to help you better understand them.

All information is accessed from the Apple Health app which has explicit toggles before sharing any sensitive data. No personally identifying information is shared, so you’ll solely comparing your anonymized data and nothing more. To top it off, Heart Hive is free to download with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full app – no subscription necessary.

But enough about other people’s apps.




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