Crafting a Tech Resume For a Career Change


Many of us would find it easy to dismiss software engineering, computer programming, and blockchain innovating as practices involving sitting around in a dark room alone, hands fluttering at the keyboard.

Hollywood depictions of programming and coding aside, that’s not the case. The tech world is hugely social, so there are always events, competitions, and collaborative projects for you to set your skills to work.

Why bring this up here? Because it’s one of the best tech resume tips out there – include space in your overall tech resume format to list extracurricular activities you love to get involved with.

This leans a lot on the ideas we have already been discussing, showing your level of commitment and activity to improving your talents in the technology sector. However, there are practical advantages to getting involved in these extracurricular activities that do not exactly relate to what tech employers look for in a resume.

Naturally, volunteering is as welcome in a tech resume as in any other career – it shows passion, drive, commitment, and a level of compassion that goes quite far in the tech industry.

Remember, a significant element of your tech job will involve explaining highly complex technological things to people who do not have your experience and expertise. After all, not everyone undergoes a career change to software engineer – and you’ll often have to describe and explain coding concepts in layman’s terms. People skills you gain in volunteering go a long way with tech recruiters.

Hackathons are another fantastic way to put your coding capabilities to the test in collaborative and competitive settings. These events are often highly publicized, which goes a long way to making your tech resume format stand out from the others on your potential next employer’s desktop.

Certifications, qualifications, or achievements gained from any such hackathons or events are sure to be appealing when added to your tech career resume.

Suppose you’re keen to attend tech conferences worldwide, whether physically or virtually; mention it in your resume. This shows you are interested in learning at the bleeding edge of technology and are actively looking at the forward direction of your industry overall.



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