MusicBox Helps Remember Tunes for Later


Everyone has personal tastes in music, right? I prefer primarily classic rock with some modern stuff mixed in. Regardless of what your personal preference is, it’s incredibly helpful to have a tool that helps you curate your own library. That way you can listen to your own tastes rather than whatever Apple Music or Spotify wants to suggest. MusicBox can help with that.

This app is a delightfully useful app that is chock-full of deep iOS integrations. The basic functionality is this: you add a song to MusicBox so that you can bookmark it for later listening. It has a sleek UI that looks reminiscent of Apple’s Reminders or Notes apps. That’s natural since it is utilizing several native UI components.

Your home view shows New, Played, All, and No Tag categories, as well as all your tagged tracks. You can create as many tags as you need such as “listen later” or “all-time faves.” When viewing all music, you can search based on title, notes, artist, tags, and other meta data. For advanced users, you can create Smart Searches that are saved and automatically pull music based on your criteria.

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Rather than having to manually add your tags – which is possible – you can set it up to automatically tag your tunes. Create rules based on its source, type, and other conditions. They can meet all those conditions or any individual ones.

Music can be used almost from anywhere. It populates the default Share Sheet and you can use it for any song or album. Tap the Share Sheet, add to MusicBox, and then your auto tagging can organize it for you. Anything added to MusicBox can be viewed in the app, but also on your Home Screen with new widgets. Of course iCloud sync syncs everything between your iOS or iPadOS devices.

If you want to get exceptionally fancy, you can create entire automation workflows. The best use case here is with Shazam. When you run this shortcut, it will Shazam the song to identify it, then add it to MusicBox complete with the album or song URL. This automation can add tags as well, outside of those you created to automatically run.

For anyone who is passionate about music, organization is key. I’ve seen it in my father-in-law with his collection of vinyl and how pristine it was kept to those in my generation that have intricately curated playlists they’ve built up over years. I may not be on either of their levels but MusicBox certainly has me upping my game.

But enough about other people’s apps.




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