Tax surcharge has been positive investment for Lee County public schools


In 2018, the citizens of Lee County approved a half-penny sales tax to be used to support the growth of and excellence in the School District of Lee County. This tax surcharge is approved for 10 years, and is projected to raise approximately $ 1 billion during the decade.

To ensure accountability to the voters, the School District created the Independent Sales Surtax Oversight Committee (ISSOC) to oversee the utilization of these funds in accordance with the voter’s intentions. For the past three years, the ISSOC has met quarterly to provide oversight and guidance to the School District. As representatives of the ISSOC, we’d like to keep the public informed regarding the impact these funds are having on your schools.

Since inception, the sales tax has generated approximately $ 275 million for Lee County Schools. As proposed in the ballot initiative, a large portion of these funds are provided by visitors to our region who pay sales tax when visiting Florida. With the exception of the break in travel due to COVID-19 in the first half of 2020, vacation travel to Southwest Florida has been booming, as exemplified by record numbers at our regional airports. Thankfully, these visitors are strengthening our regional economy and our schools.



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