Why would oil companies invest in drilling when Biden wants to phase out fossil fuels? – The Virginian-Pilot


Re “The real story” (Your Views, June 23): The author sums up the story in his last sentence. The oil companies like to make money. Why would they drill when you have an administration that wants to eliminate oil? It costs a great deal of money to drill and transport crude. Why should they invest when President Joe Biden wants to shut them down?

The pipeline was a means to transport; it was shut down and sends a signal to not invest. Of the 9,000 leases, many are located on areas that are not easily accessed. They’ve got to fight to meet the regulations to move the oil from the sites. You need to spend a lot of money to make money. Why spend when Biden wants to shut them down? Every time Biden whispers “9,000 leases,” he forgets all about the investment the oil companies must make in the face of his threat to shut them down.

Biden’s own Federal Reserve chair even says that inflation was happening long before Ukraine. So what is the real story?

Michael Mulvoy, Poquoson

America protects one class and one class only. It is very clear now. We do not protect women, do not protect children, do not protect people of color, do not protect those of “other” religions.



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There must only be good people on the white Anglo-Saxon protestant male side. You know, the ones who are allowed to buy assault weapons in any amount on their 18th birthdays. Only this last class is safe these days.

Katherine D. Moore, Portsmouth

Now that the Supreme Court has decided women are no longer in control of their reproductive health, we need men to have some skin in the game. If a woman under the age of 18 and unmarried is pregnant, that baby daddy needs to go to jail for 18 years and nine months for statuary rape. No exceptions. Doesn’t matter if he has a scholarship to Harvard University or is a captain in the Navy – no exceptions. Rape and incest? Life in prison – no exceptions.

Women can not be the only ones who carry the burden emotionally, physically and financially. A majority of the folks who are happy with this decision are the same ones who continue to vote against affordable housing and child care. The majority of women affected by this ruling will be the ones who are least prepared to handle a child. These are also the women who have limited access to medical care or even in many cases are unable to provide adequate nourishment. One in 7 children in this country do not know where their next meal is coming from. The old lie of “maybe the fetus aborted would find the cure for cancer” is so unrealistic. These are children born into a society that only cares that they are born, not what happens once they’re here. And if the Supreme Court can decide that women will be forced to have children, even in cases of rape and incest, what else will it overturn?

Pat Howarth, Norfolk

The former president, his followers in the federal and state legislatures, his insurrectionist mob, and his Supreme Court appointments have sent this country back into the muck and mire, and rank injustice, and danger of America’s distant past. As someone who grew up as a child of the Greatest Generation and the son of a World War II veteran, it is beyond belief and understanding what has happened to the nation they fought for and that I used to love almost unconditionally, but no longer. As President Joe Biden said, we are now truly an “outlier among developed nations.” Want more? Just keep voting for right-wing politicians every chance you get. See you at the ballot box and in the streets.

Bill Candler, Norfolk



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