MongoDB 6.0 – New Version Released


MongoDB 6.0 – New Version Released and download is available. This major release has improvements to existing features, also new products have been introduced to empower you to build faster, troubleshoot less, and removes complexity from your workflows.

MongoDB 6.0

MongoDB 6.0 includes more integrations, several feature upgrades, support for a diverse range of scenarios, and much more.

Time Series

For instance, time series collections and change streams can now be used for additional use cases, such as geo-indexing or finding the before and after states of documents, respectively.

Queryable Encryption

Additionally, MongoDB 6.0 includes exciting new releases for security, analytics, search, and more. One innovative new capability is Queryable Encryption, a first-of-its-kind technology that allows you to efficiently query data even as it remains encrypted, only decrypting it when it’s made available to the user.
Queryable Encryption removes operational heavy-lifting, resulting in faster app development without sacrificing data protection, compliance, and data privacy security requirements.


More On MongoDB 6.0 – Time Series

New features for time series

Secondary indexes on measurements: MongoDB customers will be able to create a secondary or compound index on any field in a time series collection. This enables geo-indexing (for eg tracking changes over time on a fleet of vehicles or equipment). These new index types will also provide improved read performance.
Read performance improvements for sort operations: To find the most recent entry in a time series data collection, MongoDB 6.0 comes with optimizations to last point queries. Rather than executing a scan of the full collection, the query executes a distinct scan looking only for the last point. Also included in this release will be a feature that enables users to leverage a clustered index or secondary index to perform sort operations on time and metadata fields in most scenarios in a more optimized way.

What’s coming next

MongoDB work on time series will not stop with v6.0. It will continue to empower developers to build best-in-class applications using time series data on MongoDB. In future releases, expect to hear about cluster-to-cluster replication for time series data, features to enhance scalability for time series data on MongoDB, and much more.

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