Troubleshooting TestBox Code Coverage with FusionReactor


This blog will investigate troubleshooting TestBox Code coverage using FusionReactor.

What is TestBox?

TestBox is a robust testing framework for ColdFusion (CFML) that many developers rely on for producing both unit and behavior-driven (BDD) tests for their web applications.

What is Code Coverage?

Code Coverage is a metric that provides the percentage of your source code which is included in the tests that you write. If your code coverage score is too low, it is usually an indicator that you must write more tests. Many developers rely on code coverage statistics to help determine how complete their tests are.

TestBox supports code coverage reports if you have a licensed copy of FusionReactor connected to the tested web application. The easiest way to do this is via Commandbox.

I recently ran into issues with code coverage reporting while running tests for a ColdBox application I was developing for a client. My tests were executed successfully, but the code coverage statistics weren’t updating, and the information displayed didn’t reflect my actual code. The summary results showed files from the ColdBox framework which should be ignored by default.



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