Smart Deadbolt Locks From Ali Express Installation and Review


In this Post I will step through on how to Install this Smart Deadbolt Lock and will provide my Honest review about this Device as well.

I bought this cool looking Smart Deadbolt Lock from AliExpress, for S$100

The device was shipped to my home in less than 2 weeks, it was well packed and bubble wrapped.

Smart Lock Packing

The outlook of this deadbolt smart lock mimics the design of Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2s Lock. Referring to Igloohome Website, it will cost you USD209.99.


The packaging includes some of the items listed below

  1. The Smart Lock (Front and Back)
  2. Rubber Pad For the Smart Lock, both front and back
  3. Deadbolt
  4. Various Screws
  5. Door Sensors
  6. Manual
  7. 3 Set of Keys
  8. 2 Smart Tags
  9. Drilling Cardboard Guide


Installation Tools To Prepare

There are few tools you might need to prepare for installation

  1. Hammer
  2. Flat Head Screw Driver
  3. Phillip Head Screw Driver
  4. Hole Saw 25mm
  5. Hole saw 15 mm
  6. Drill

Installation Tools

Step 1

Remove the Existing Deadbolt Lock

Step 2

Install the new Deadbolt Lock from the Package

Do Ensure that the Dead Bolt Orientation is being Installed Correctly, there is a marking “Top” engraved to the Deadbolt, that will be facing on the top direction.

Install DeadBolt Lock Provided

Step 3

Attach the Cardboard Marking to the door, mark the hole accordingly, when done start drilling holes using the correct hole saw size.

Carboard Marking

Door Drilled

Step 5

Assemble the Screw of the Front Facing Smart Lock and then insert the Smart Lock into your door hole with the Rubber Pad attach with it together

insert Smart Lock 1

Step 6

Adjusting the Nob

There is an adjustable knob that can be turned using a Phillip Head Screwdriver.

The Orientation of the nob is determined by which direction your door opens. (Left or Right)

To Determine the Opening Direction, I stand Facing my door, by referring to the Picture, very obvious that the door open on my Right hand Side when I am facing the Door

adjust the Nob Mark in Red Facing your Deadbolt Lock.

adjusting the Nob

Step 6

Attach the Rubber Pad to the back of the Smart Lock and install it to your door

install Smart Door Back

Step 7

Test the Smart Lock with the Physical Key

test with Key

Step 8

Setup Admin / User Access by referring to the Installation Manual.

For this Step, I will not elaborate, as I found that the Explanation on Setting Up Admin / User Access in the Manual was quite Straight forward and Clear.


My Review

The Dead Bolt Smart Lock Finishing looks Glossy and Presentable, referring externally people might think it is an expensive lock. But when you flip inside, the internal in built structure might have rooms for improvements. like using more quality finishing and a metal built nob instead of a plastic nob. Functionality wise, the Smart Lock can be opened in several modes, (1) Finger Print (2) Pass Code (3) Smart Tag (4) Physical Key, for this kind of pricing, personally I gave it a thumbs up.

In Conclusion, if you are looking for a Cool Smart Lock, and not considering forking out 2 Hundred plus for it, this lock will be a good choice

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