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Historically, I’ve stuck with Apple Maps but I do use Waze time-to-time. After playing with inRoute for a while, it is certainly going to make it into the rotation. There is a ton of customization that makes inRoute a robust app for navigation.

When creating a route, you can choose an individual profile. This profile helps you tailor the route to your needs with ridiculous intricacy. You can avoid tolls, highways, and fairies though that’s fairly commonplace. You can opt to stick with the lowest elevation routes or ones with the least wind. Maybe you’re out west and want to cling to those hairpin turns so you choose the most curvy.

To be honest, inRoute does so much more than I personally would ever need in a mapping application. You can sync your maps between multiple devices or import routes in XLSX, GPX, and KML formats. Some stuff I’d never thought of. For example, layovers. When planning a large cross-country trip, you can set a layover. That way you could set how much time you’ll be at a certain place on the way, such as a tourist stop or hotel, which will give you a more accurate ETA.

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The app has a clean UI with both a white aesthetic and a dark version. The At a Glance home tab gives you timely suggestions based on movies or TV shows that are imminently airing or recently released. You can slide over the primary navigation menu to jump into any lists you’ve created. It’s all full of large artwork and lists that lead you to going down rabbit holes, discovering more content to watch.

This app is available exclusively on Apple’s platforms and the developer has tied into many unique features. Dark mode can be toggled by the system-wide setting and text adjusts with the system-wide font size. There are multiple widgets that can live on your Home Screen to keep you up to date on what to watch without even launching the app. Finally, it’s a universal app that can be used on iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

I’m pretty vocal about my love of TV and movies. It’s incredible how hundreds of individuals can work together to create content that so many people enjoy. It can be funny, scary, thrilling, informational, and more. Konsensus is basically a social network tailored to celebrating the works on the big and small screen and I love it.

But enough about other people’s apps.




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