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I’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a fair few years now. Just recently I’ve gotten my wife into the popular mobile game. When I first started playing I’d occasionally get push notifications telling me there’s a mega raid going on and to make sure I join it for amazing rewards.

There was only one problem, I didn’t know how to join the raid! And now, because my wife is playing, she didn’t know either, she had the same problem as me.

I thought it’d be a good idea to write this super quick guide on how to join a mega raid in Pokemon Go. I’ve also done a screen capture of my iPhone to show exactly how to do it. So, if you don’t want to read, you can watch the video below.

Joining A Mega Raid

If you didn’t watch the video here’s the text guide.

Pokemon Go Mega Raids are easy to find and join once you know how. You can identify them using the map view or the ‘nearby’ screen. Once you’ve opened up either the map view or the nearby screen be on the look out for the Mega Raid Icon.

Open up your map view.

How to join a mega raid in Pokemon Go.

The mega icon looks like this:

mega raid icon

Once you’ve identified a Mega Raid you just need to battle as you normally do. Keep tapping away to beat that mega raid boss as they’ll be some awesome rewards available once you finish it off.

After you win the battle against the mega raise boss you’ll be given some rewards. You’ll receive mega energy and you’ll also get the chance to grab a hold of a PokeBall and capture the raid boss.

If you defeat the raid boss quickly you’ll be given a great amount of mega energy. Take a lot longer and you’ll get less.

I quite like the fact that once you’ve finished battling the mega boss you’ll get to see the speed stat. The speed stat shows you how much time it took you to defeat the boss, this is the stat that the amount of mega energy reward is based upon.

The speed stat can be used as a sort of threshold on which to get better at battling in those raids.

Pokemon Go Mega Raid Speed ​​Stat
Pokemon Go Mega Raid Speed ​​Stat

Joining Mega Raid Tiers

Did you know that there are two tiers of Mega Raids? The first is the bog standard Mega Raids and the second is called Mega Legendary Raids. The standard Mega Raids will feature really powerful Mega Pokémon. And the Mega Legendary Raids will feature powerful Mega Pokémon, but turned up to 11!

I had a real tough time defeating the legendary raids, so have your wits about you and have your most powerful Pokemon raid team ready to take it on.

Bear in mind that because the Mega Legendary Pokémon are very powerful they’ll be a lot more difficult than the standard raids you’ve become accustomed to.

To improve your chances of defeating the Mega Legendary Raid Boss, as well as having your most powerful Pokemon (order your Pokemon by CP) you can also try and get them to Mega Evolve.

Pokemon Go Prime Gaming

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You can find out what’s coming with your prime subscription by checking out the prime gaming page, hit the link here to go over to prime gaming.

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CodeWithMike is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to



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