How to Learn Coding in San Jose, CA


Are you looking at getting into coding in San Jose? Coding Dojo runs a robust coding Bootcamp to give you the skills, certifications, and hands-on experience to break into the coding world.

The world of web development and maintenance is an ever-growing one, and the global pandemic has seen a considerable rise in online and remote working. As more experienced coders retire, 9,700 job openings for new coders will be in the next ten years.

What Is Coding?

Coding, often referred to as computer programming, is how computer systems are programmed. Coding tells a computer what to do using a coding language, like Python.

Why Learn How to Code?

The skill of knowing how to code can be an excellent addition to your resume. It is a crucial skill in the IT, cybersecurity, and web programming industries—and is a worthwhile personal skill to have, too.

The Industry Is Huge—And So Is Its Variety

Learning to code might seem like a long and technical process—but it will be worth it, as the potential career paths are vastly diverse. Front-end development, back-end development, creating apps, websites, cybersecurity—the list could go on. You’re sure to find something you love.

Coders Are in Demand

According to one study, the cybersecurity industry alone is missing around 3 million workers. You won’t be short of work in the coding world.

Create Your Own Schedule

You don’t necessarily have to pitch up with one organization—many freelance coding professionals choose their schedule, meaning they choose their projects, time scales, and rates.

Life skills

That’s right—life skills. There’s a reason many young people learn to code, and it’s not just for the industry. Coding can enhance your problem-solving skills, creativity, and more. It’s not just a profession.

Coding Courses Offered in San Jose, CA

So, you want to learn to code in San Jose? Here’s what our comprehensive software development Bootcamp course covers.

Programming Basics

In the first two weeks, you will study the essentials. Students will take a skills test to assess whether they should revise their coding knowledge or skip ahead to the next stage of the course. Whether you’re a beginner or not, you’ll start the course at the right place for your skill level. Moreover, there is no additional cost if you undertake the first two weeks of programming basics.

You’ll learn:

  • Web interface
  • Document object manipulation (DOM) and data manipulation
  • Industry tools

Web Fundamentals

The following two weeks (or the first two if you skip the warm-up coding lessons!) will teach you about front-end development. By the end of this section, students should build a set of user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Python Full Stack

During weeks three to six, students will begin learning their Python. As one of the most in-demand languages ​​in the tech industry, it’s a valuable skill. It’s useful for web development, machine learning, and data science.

You’ll learn:

  • Object-oriented programming in Python
  • SQL and relational databases
  • Python MVC frameworks and design patterns

MERN Full Stack

MERN is a JavaScript full-stack used for creating dynamic websites and applications. Using a single language it’s an efficient way to develop websites and software.

You’ll learn:

  • Object-oriented programming and custom libraries in JavaScript
  • NoSQL database design
  • JavaScript MVC frameworks and design patterns

Java Full Stack

Java is a more advanced, statically typed language. It’s one of the most widely adopted languages, even after 20 years in the industry!

You’ll learn:

  • Object-oriented programming in Java
  • SQL queries, object-relational mapper, and relational databases
  • Java MVC frameworks and design patterns

What Is a Full Stack Web Development Course?

A full-stack developer works within the entire depth of a computer system application. Since the internet’s infancy, the term has been in use when systems and programming were much more straightforward—and one person could operate the entire site-building process.

A full-stack developer works within both the front and back-ends of websites. The front end is what service users and website visitors see and interact with—the back end focuses on servers, programming, and code.

A full-stack web development course will give you the skills to operate in both the front and back end—able to design interfaces on the front end and run programs in the back—with knowledge of various technologies such as HTML and JavaScript.

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

There are few better ways to learn coding than a thorough 14-week program. With everything you need to know packed into a comprehensive, fast-paced, and practical course, you’ll graduate with the necessary skills to land your dream job.

Is coding a good career? Yes. Coders earn around $89,190 a year, while software developers earn up to $110,140. Moreover, it’s a strong career choice with numerous job opportunities and transferable skills.

Why Learn Coding at Coding Dojo?

There are many coding courses, degrees, and certifications out there for you to immerse yourself in the coding world. Here at Coding Dojo, we offer a thorough, full-time 14-week program to get you job-ready, earn your certifications and learn hands-on experience.

What’s more, we provide a unique scientific approach to learning that guarantees success for our students—and you can be one of them.

About Coding Dojo’s San Jose Campus

At Coding Dojo, we offer the option to learn coding online or attend one of our coding bootcamps. We have Bellevue, Boise, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Jose campuses. Our San Jose campus is at the heart of Silicon Valley—the world’s tech hub for start-ups and established businesses. You will surround yourself with the brightest minds in the tech world.

Can I Take a Tour of the San Jose Campus?

Unfortunately, tours are not currently going ahead due to the current pandemic. However, you can choose to learn how to code with our online course if you’d rather.

How Long Is the Coding Bootcamp in San Jose?

The San Jose coding Bootcamp takes 14 weeks total. If you opt to learn the programming basics, you’ll add two weeks to your studies. Within this short time, you’ll learn everything you need to know and graduate as an expert in coding.

What Does the San Jose Coding Bootcamp Cost?

Coding Dojo’s coding Bootcamp cost depends on whether you pay upfront or in installments. The total upfront cost is $14,950 or $16,495 in installments.

Does Coding Dojo Offer Scholarships?

Coding Dojo offers several scholarship options:

  • Fresh Start Fund
  • Career Reinvention Scholarship
  • Military Re-training Scholarship
  • Women in Tech Scholarship
  • Diversity Scholarship

Each range between up to $10,000—$15,000 funding. You’ll need to write and submit a scholarship essay to apply for a scholarship. If you apply for the Fresh Start Fund, you’ll also need to submit proof of income. You should receive your response within 48 hours.

Do I Need Coding Experience to Attend Coding Dojo?

Coding Dojo offers a two-week coding for beginners warm-up to the Bootcamp. If your coding skills are a bit out of practice, don’t worry. Our first two weeks focus on getting everyone up to scratch. You’ll take a test (not one to worry about!) to assess your skill level. If you feel ready to start straight away, you can skip ahead to the Bootcamp.

How Can I Enroll in the San Jose Coding Bootcamp?

Apply online to enroll in the top coding Bootcamp San Jose has to offer. Anyone can apply, regardless of their background. Whether you’re entirely new to coding, fancy a career change, or want to kickstart your career in coding, it’s open to you.

Firstly, contact our admissions department to discuss any queries you might have or attend a virtual open house. Second, submit your application. It only takes two minutes to complete. However, we choose applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. So, make sure you submit your application early.

Finally, you will need to attend an interview to ensure you’re ready to face the challenges the Bootcamp offers. Responses take about two to three business days. If accepted, you’ll need to send your deposit through and start prepping for the course ahead.

Try Our Free Virtual Workshop: Intro to Web Development

Before applying for the Bootcamp, why not try our Intro to Web Development? It’s free to access, taking only two to three hours of your time, and will provide a thorough introduction to coding. This workshop covers:

  • How the web works
  • HTTP request and response cycle
  • Front-end vs. back-end
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic JavaScript



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