Remove the focus from a button on click in React


In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to remove the focus from a button element on click in React.

Consider, we have the following button in our React app.

import React from "react";

function App() 

  return (

Now, when a user clicks on the button we need to remove the focus of it.

Removing the focus from a button on click

To remove the focus from a button on click, first we need to access the button inside the react component using the useRef hook then call a blur() method on it. So, it removes the focus of a button.

Here is an example:

import React, useRef from "react";

function App() 
   const buttonRef = useRef(null)

   function handleClick()

  return (
      <button onClick=handleClick ref=buttonRef>
      </button>    </div>

In the example above, we first added a buttonRef to the button element. So, it allows us to access and modify the dom node of an button inside the component methods.

Next, we added a buttonRef.current.blur() method inside the handleClick() event handler, so when a Search button is clicked it removes the focus from a button.

We used the HTMLElement.blur() to remove the focus from an element.

The blur() method removes the keyboard focus from the element, where it was called on.

If you want to set a focus back to the button, then call a focus() method on it.




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