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I am planning to upgrade all my home conventional switches to Smart Switches. The goal is to connect all these switches at the initial stages to Tuya, Alexa Platform and later connecting it to Home Assistant. Zigbee interface Switch was chosen primarily, because ZigBee is a universal Smart Home protocol which suits my plans to take my current smart Home system Off the Cloud in the future.

Before installing a Zigbee Switch, you will need to install and configure a ZigBee Gateway. A ZigBee Gateway is a hub which acts as a gateway to send and receive signals to ZigBee Devices. around a radius perimeter of your home.

Note: This is not a sponsored article, it is a share of my experience DIY Journey

Zigbee Gateway Installation

I bought this ZigBee Gateway from AliExpress,

This ZigBee Switch supports Tuya / Alexa Platform / Google Assistant.

ZigBee Gateway

ZigBee Gateway Specification

This ZigBee Gateway needs a power Input of 1A 5V. You can power the device using USB Power.

Communication protocol the device supports:

  • Wifi – 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
  • BLE / ZigBee

ZigBee Product Specification

  1. Step 1 -> Power On the ZigBee Gateway
  2. Step 2 -> Ensure that the ZigBee Gateway is blinking after power On
  3. Step 3 -> Open Tuya App
  4. Step 4-> Click Add Device on the top right hand corner of the App
  5. Step 5 -> Select Zigbee Wireless Gateway
  6. Step 6 -> Follow the App Instruction Step by Step
  7. Step7 -> Verify whether the ZigBee Gateway is connected

Add ZigBee Gateway

Zigbee No Neutral Switch

After successfully installing and pairing a ZigBee Gateway, the next step is to install and connect the ZigBee Switch to your Zigbee Gateway.

ZigBee Switch Overview
ZigBee Switch Overview

ZigBee Switch Technical Specification

When buying an electrical product over the Internet, you may need to ensure that the electrical spec meets your country’s electrical standards. For safety matters you may also need to know whether the product is certified by an organization recognized by your country.

Switch Technical Parameters
Switch Technical Parameters

Tools that you will need

  1. Flat Head Screw Driver
  2. Phillip Head Screw Driver
  3. Test Pen
  4. Cutter
Tools You Will Need
Tools You Will Need

Switch that I am Replacing

Replace Existing Switch
Replace Existing Switch

Installation Steps

Note: Please be careful, as you are dealing with electricity

(1) Step 1 -> Turn Off the Circuit Power Breaker connected to this Switch

Turn Off Main Switch
Turn Off Main Switch

(2) Step 2-> Dismantle the Existing Switch and Switch Cable

Dismantle Switch
Dismantle Switch
Dismantle Switch Cable
Dismantle Switch Cable

(3) Step 3-> Install New ZigBee Switch

Install New ZigBee Switch
Install New ZigBee Switch
Assemble New Switch
Assemble New Switch

(3) Step 4-> Pairing your Switch to Zigbee Gateway.

-> Open Tuya App

-> Select the connected ZigBee Gateway

-> Press and Hold the Switch Button for 5 Seconds

-> Press until it blinks

-> In Tuya App Press Add Device

-> Tuya will try to pair the device

-> Verify whether the Switch is connected

Add Switch
Add Switch

Switch Added



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