Reinstalling packages on Debian and Ubuntu by Josh Sherman


My recent migration from Arch Linux to Debian (testing) has been an extremely smooth one, but not without it’s issues.

A small issue I ran into early on was a problem with totem, the video app, crapping out. While I’m not sure exactly what the heck went wrong, the quick fix was to reinstall the package and call it a day.

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time, assuming there was a last time, that I had to forcibly reinstall a package on Debian or Ubuntu. In fact, solid chance the last time I had to do this, I simply uninstalled and reinstalled the package.

That’s no way to live, so after some research, I learned about it --reinstall
flag that tells apt install that it shouldn’t just skip the already installed package and to try to install it again:

sudo apt install --reinstall some-package

Obviously, this will work on Debian as well as Ubuntu as well as any distributions that are based on those flavors.

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